Consolidating the Digital industry

Bitfinitum is creating a unique technology enterprise by building a platform to provide leadership and growth to drive the evolution and engagement in the digital industry. We will achieve this goal by consolidating a fragmented industry in order to drive marketing efficiency, increase access and improve market credibility.
Bitfinitum is creating a unique digital enterprise

The first phase will focus on profitable companies in the digital industry.

Bitfinitum will drive the development, evolution and adoption of these digital companies. We have an aggressive strategy that will initially focus on the global digital industry in order to serve the areas of such industry which are currently not optimally served.

A highly fragmented market with a large number of players is slowing the development of the digital industry and the deployment of services to optimally serve all the industry sectors.


Bitfinitum's management team brings a high level of management and transactional abilities, as well as over 180 years of experience and acumen.
Our company understands that a strong multidisciplinary team must be in place in order to fully bridge the digital industry with its market. Bitfinitum has assembled its team accordingly.

Dan Peña

Chairman & Co-Founder
Mr. Peña is one of the most experienced conglomerators for the past few decades in the U.S. & across the globe. He has been consolidating various industries for 40+ years, creating over 50B USD in equity & value over that time.

Francisco Ortiz

CEO & Founder
Mr. Ortiz has strong expertise in Strategic Business Development, Internet Marketing & E-commerce as well as Corporate Financial Analysis and M&A. He has founded 3 digital companies.